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We've designed the news portal script to be ultra customizable with zero coding skills.

administration control dashboard

Administration Dashboard

Once logged in, as administrator, every single aspect of the PHP news website can be controlled and tweaked. The newsPHPscript is probably the most customizable news portal available online.
Each section of the news portal has it's own backend module, where every aspect of that section can be controlled. There is also a settings section for each module for tweaking web site preferences.
A comprehensive theme settings section will also allow each news website to be truly unique.

fast Google page speed scores

Blazing Fast Page Load Speeds

From Google's own information, one of the most important factors for ranking a website is page loading speeds.
Google wants to encourage websites that enhance the their users experience and will give preference to websites that load efficiently and quickly.
Consequently, we have spent a long time, in development, ensuring that the PHP news script performs extremely well, all images are automatically compressed and optimized.
Our Google page speed results reflect this.

news article layout

News Article Custom Layout

Choose your own custom news article page layout, full page article or article with sidebar positioned left or right. Even set the sidebar width as 20%, 30%, 40% or 50% of article page.
Allow article comments, with variable minimum and maximum word counts, using the built in comments module or just add a Disqus comments module.
Further customize the news article page layout by adding custom widgets, in positions of your choice, via the widgets module.

website widgets

Movable Website Widgets

Create custom and unique page layouts with our widgets drag n drop management section.
For example: You may want to have a search box, latest news, most popular news, blog archives or any other available widget on your news article page.
The same for forum pages, blog pages or general pages, any combination of layouts can be achieved by a simple drag n drop interface.

theme settings

Website Theme Settings

Completely customize your news website and create a unique news portal.
From the theme settings section choose a custom font, font size, font line height, header font sizes and weight. Choose if your site is a fluid or boxed layout, site width, background and container colours.
Choose sidebar location and width, customize navigation menu styling, choose header and footer styles with or without background images.

masonry layout

Optional Masonry Layout

Choose how your home page looks, the news script front page can be a masonry layout, normal content with sidebar layout, no sidebar or a complete custom page.
The custom front page setting will ensure that no two sites look the same, all available with zero coding skills.